ELEMKO- Anticipation of protection from lightning. Is it necessary?

Although the danger we run over the lightnings is bigger than other catastrophic incidents for which we take precautionary measures, although International, European and National Bodies, having realizing the big size of the danger from lightnings, have constituted committees and issued standards, based on which is feasible to evaluate the risk that every structure is running over and to design a safe protection system, there are also a very few people which have realized the bigness of the risk and how small the cost of a Lightning Protection System is towards the value of their life & their properties.

The application of an LPS is also one precaution. Precautions such as the conclusion of contracts with insurance companies for health or pension schemes as well as insurance of our property, the installation of fire alarm systems etc. There are also many other precautionary safety systems for which some realized people take care off, before they sustain and some other people, who will take care off, unfortunately after they have suffered.

Let's put also the Lightning Protection System (LPS) under the same priority we put other things by taking the relative precaution measures.

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