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Earthing is one of the most important parts of a proper and reliable electrical installation, which if is not designed, constructed and installed properly can have terrible consequences for both the installation itself and the user. There are generally many earthing devices that depend on the use we want it to have. The most general earthing types are:

Neutral Earthing

Protection and Equipotential Bonding Earthing

Earthing of Data Process System

Earthing of Lightning Protection System

Earthing of sub-stations of medium voltage

Depending on its use, each earthing is designed according to the respective Standards ELOT HD 384, ELOT 60364, ELOT EN 62305-3, ELOT EN 50522, IEEE - 80 etc. The installation of an earthing is performed with components and materials that satisfy the requirements of the European Standards of the series ELOT EN 62561, ELOT 60364, IEEE 887 etc. In  ELEMKO we design, produce and provide, according to the requirements of National, European & International standards, all the required components and installation materials of an earthing such as:

  • Earthing Rods
  • Earthing Plates
  • Earthing Strips
  • Earthing Round Conductors
  • Earthing Clamps
  • Earthing End Connectors
  • Earthing Bars
  • Earthing Pits
  • Earthing Improver