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Earthing components


Earthing systems depending on their application (e.g. electrical safety, substations, lightning protection) must meet specific requirements as defined by the respective system design standards while at the same time the components to be used must also meet the requirements of the respective standards tests.

Ζυγοί γείωσης

On an earthing bar can be connected multiple earth conductors, providing that way a voltage equalization point as well as a check point. Tested according to IEC ΕΝ 62561 - 1.

Περιλαίμια γείωσης

Equipotential bonding between the earthing system and metal pipes is performed through suitable pipe clamps, tested according to IEC ΕΝ 62561 - 1.

Στηρίγματα αγωγών γείωσης

fasteners for earth conductors, tested according to IEC EN 62561 - 4 and IEC EN 62561 - 1 in case the fastener can also provide and electrical connection. 

Φρεάτια ηλεκτροδίου γείωσης

Auxiliary components, such as earth pits, earthing pointing plates, corrosion protection tapes.