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ELEMKO provides its customers with appropriate risk assessment software based on ELOT EN 62305-2 which also gives a report. According to ELOT EN 62305-2 standard, for the calculation of each lightning loss, various criteria should be examined and finally a complete account of the admissions made has to be performed in roder to obtain the total riks of loss. These criteria are related to the construction and can really increase the probability the consctruction to be struck by lightning (e.g dimensions, geographical location) but also data related to the consequences (e.g environmental, economic) that may occur due to lightning losses.


In collaboration with the university of Cyprus and the modelling laboratory, we have created an innovative software which calculates all the special paremeters of lightning protection and is available by ELEMKO to all its partners. Calculation of safety distance between Lightning Protection System - people. Easily calculates teh required safety distance between a person and Lightning Proteciton System. Calculation of Safety distance between Lightning Protection System - Electromagnetic equipment. Helps to calcuate easily the required safety distance beteen Electromagnetic equipment and Lightning Protection System. Calculation of required length of electrode of Lightning Protection. A tool that helps to calculate easily the required the length of ground electrode.

Calculation of cross-section of conductors & electrodes for substations

This software has all the required parameters as defined in IEEE 80 and ELOT EN 50522, so that the cross-section of the corresponding conductor cab be calculated according to the expected short-circuit current, the short cicruit duration and teh maximum final temperature of conductor and ground electrode in substations' facilites. The result is presented in detail, in a separate file which contains all the parameters that have been taken into consideration during calculation of cross-section.


ELEMKO in collaboration with univeristy of Cyprus created a software tool, applying the mathematical equations defined in the standards BS743 and IEEE80. This software calculates both the ground resistance of electrodes of standard geometry as well as the dimensioning of ground systems concerning the required length as well as number of electrodes in order to achieve the required ground resistance value. The results should be considered provided thath they refer exclusively to monolayer (homogeneous) soils.