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Material Hot dip galvanized steel (St/tZn)
Screws M6x16 mm, V2A stainless steel screws, one electroplated zinc steel wood fixing screw
Withstands (according to IEC ΕΝ 62561-4) Lateral load, 200 N / Axial load, 50 N
Conductor's dimensions Up to 30x6 mm
Compatibility with conductors made of Al, SSt (Stainless Steel), St/tZn
Tightening torque of conductor 3,5Nm
Fixing on brick or concrete Through a wood fixing screw (included) and a PVC wall plug Ø8 mm (not included)
Spacing between fasteners of air termination conductors ≤500 mm1).
Spacing between fasteners of down conductors ≤1000 mm for heights ≤20 m. / ≤500 mm for heights ≥20 m.
Before and after of change of direction or clamp or contraction-expansion absorbing component. ≤300 mm.

St/tZn fastener for tape conductor up to 30mm width, code 6101200-71

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